Missed a month on adaptive plan, should I delete the missed workouts?

I started an adaptive training plan (mid volume, rolling road race) at the beginning of the year with the duration of a year. I got busy and put aside cycling. At first, I thought it was going to be a day or two, but that turned into days, then a few weeks. Now, almost a month away from exercising, I’m ready to get back at it.

I’m not an advanced cyclist. My current FTP is showing 176 in TR, and I mainly am using this year to increase endurance, FTP, and overall wellbeing.

I logged into Trainer Road to check and let the adaptive changes do their thing before cycling in a couple of hours this afternoon. Updated Zwift, and the computer I run it all on .

I have a couple of questions about the missed workouts.

  • Should I delete them from my calendar? will deleting them make the adaptive feature plan for my restart and future workouts better.
  • or did the adaptive planning account for those almost 4 missed weeks that still show on my calendar as scheduled for those days?
  • Or, should I just start a new plan?


Went through something similar in January. I decided to delete my plan and start a new one because I have a race in mind and the previous plan was built with those 4 weeks in mind. If I had just continued on the same plan, I would have missed a big chunk of the build phase. I also wanted to start fresh.

I don’t think keeping them or deleting them will affect anything. If you delete your old plan and start a new one, I think it will take them all off the calendar for you anyway.

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I agree with He Who Shall Not Be Named, I’d restart the plan.

Otherwise, I don’t think there’s any advantage to deleting them, just roll on and AT ought to adapt the workouts correctly. Redoing the plan will probably change the timeframes of each block which might be better depending on your goal.

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Thanks for the input, it makes sense. I may go that route and create a new plan.

Looking at my career page, it’s showing I’m in the Base 2 phase which the calendar is showing started three days ago, and I missed three weeks of the Base 1 phase. It seems the adaptive plan didn’t change those aspects of planning.

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Thanks for the seconded reply. I’ll go ahead and create another plan to take me until the end of the year.