Ultra Endurance Road Race

Hey Everyone,

I’m hoping to compete in a multi-day ultra-endurance road race next August as my A event for next year, the event is around a week-long riding 200+ miles a day with limited sleep. I will be competing in various B events prior to that riding 200+ miles a day over a couple of days. I’m looking to start my training this month using the new Calendar feature and adding the trainer road activities.

My questions are.
Which training plans (or mix up plans) would be best suited for this type of event?

My thoughts are SSB High 1 & 2 rides during the week with (ramping up the distance) longer endurance rides at the weekends. Then a Sustained Build Mid again with long weekend riders. Mid Climbing Speciality with long weekend rides. Week training camp, then a mix of SSB / Build in the last 12 weeks with long rides at the weekend tapering in the last week. (this is still to be planned so high-level thoughts at the moment)

Please let me have your thoughts…

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I would have thought high volume Century would be a better speciality fit?