Training plan for 144 miles day race

Hey fellow trainer road user, I would really appreciate you guys help. I’m planning for an one day 144 miles road race on 04/16/2022. the race is mostly flats and little rolling hills. i would like to know whats you guys expertise on the best training plan to be prepared.

put it into plan builder. That’s pretty far away so maybe do an A race before that to keep the motivation high, and then achieve two peaks spaced out


Thanks for your feedback !!

For something that far away, I would be tempted to go Base> Sustained Power> Base> General Build> Climbing Road Race.

Although I agree holding motivation for that long could be an issue.

Sounds like a good idea. I might try those plan but do the century as a specialty

It depends on where those “little rolling hills” occur. If they are towards the end of the race, you will likely see attacks happenning on those hills. If you want to be there to contest the finish, you need to survive those attacks, and CRR is a better fit for that.

If the hills are to the start and the last 20 miles is flat, then century may be better.

The upside of having so much time before your event is that you can work on your sustained power, AND add some punchiness later in your training.