Two weeks to fill & when to start base?

I’ve got two weeks training time to fill and then it’s off on holidays, back September.

I’ve just come off a threshold block that was very productive and saw a good bump in ftp.

What should I do? Feels a bit short to start anything new. I do like training from an exercise and stress management perspective so want to do something.

After I get back in September the weather will be turning and days will be shorter. I’m thinking of switching into base training.

Is this too soon?

Looking at the calendar I should get two solid blocks of base and some vo2 in before spring next year.

Ride for fun? Do some Zwift races? What you do now isn’t as important as what you do when you return.


Use the fitness to have some fun! Go target some PRs on local climbs or training loops, do some races (Zwift or real) join some fast group rides, whatever puts a smile on your face.