Rough fall/winter...restart plan?

Should I restart my plan back @ Base 1 because I’ve missed several random WEEKS and only ridden once or twice a week since November due to depression issues? I’m finally finding joy in riding lately but fitness has plummeted as expected. Right now I’m hitting a lot of Threshold workouts but feel like I’ve missed out on a TON of Sweet Spot work. I have plenty of time before my A-race (crits) in June. What say you? Continue with current plan or scrap and restart?

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I’d vote for reboot, especially if you are shooting for a June peak. At minimum, I think you’d want to do a full 5 week base block. Glad to hear things are moving in a positive direction for you, nothing like building a little fitness to help keep the momentum.


Thanks for the affirmation. I’m leaning that way too. That’s a good point-nothing like trying to win the mental game when fitness is backsliding or stagnant.

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Yep, definitely agree with restarting. Better to ramp back in slowly than risk digging a hole on too much intensity too soon

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I had a rough fall, and FTP dropped 8%, then I was sick for three weeks in December. I restarted Jan 1 with Mid Volume Base at the lower FTP. I’m finding the rides enjoyable and achievable. I’m just trying to be consistent and let AI work the progressional levels up. It is slow I’m only up to just over 3 on Sweet Spot. With the renewed enjoyment and consistently I’m hoping to come in the spring ready to work hard. (Then again I’m not racing just grand tours and condo). Just a new theory vs. also riding at the edge of stressed and Fatigued.

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Restart. But I would also make a point of restarting in a fun way, and bring the riding habit back. Maybe just go ride your bike for a few weeks, before you think about training and intervals? Obviously, if the most fun thing to you is doing intervals, start just there.


Man, this has really brought some perspective into how I think about riding. Structured training really has sucked the soul out of bike riding for me. I’m a 100% outdoor rider. Riding X minutes@ Y watts somewhat limits where I can ride. I’ve traded my 3-4 hour weekend endurance ride with shorter, more “efficient” rides. I like the suggestion to do enjoyable stuff mixed in with my true structured rides. It makes so much more sense when you hear it from someone else. Thank you all so much!

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I would definately start with base training. You have plenty of time to build a solid base and then sharpen your knives before the main event. Ease into your training routines and aim for a long and sustainable progression. So maybe start with two or three structured easy(ish) training sessions per week and add some easy and enjoyable riding on top of that.

Bringing up the form doesn’t take months. For me, it’s usually just four to six weeks of hard workouts and then tapering. Any longer than six weeks, and i’m on the verge of burnout.

And also, try to remember why you are in the sport in the first place.

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Building a base is about building endurance. This is just my opinion, but I don’t think you need to be too strict about power zones when doing endurance rides. Just don’t smash yourself, go at a pace that feels good for you, and bring up the volume. Then, after a couple of weeks, if you want to get more specific, put some intervals into some of your rides. But tbh I don’t think you"d be missing much if you just did endurance rides until about 3 months out from your events.