Two separate outside workouts in one ride

Is it possible to do two separate Trainerroad workouts during one outdoor ride? Say I’m going for 3 hrs ride and would like to do 1hr sweet spot workout followed by 2 hours endurance. I’m using garmin edge 830.

I am pretty sure you can. You just need to have two TR workouts set for that day, and as Outside workouts. I believe you will be able to chose one when you load and prep for the first one. Complete that and you can repeat the process for the second workout after that.


I believe you could load the first workout before you start your ride and perform it. Then once that one is finished use your phone to load the second workout and perform it. Edit: Chad beat me.


Just bare in mind that AT won’t treat a 1hr+2hr training ride the same way it would a 3hr training ride