Splitting a workout between inside and outside

Sometimes it’s too cold or rainy and I just want to do part of a workout inside (say I have a 5 hour ride, I’d like to do 3 hour inside and then immediately do the remaining 2 hours outside). I can easily just do a 3h + 2h workout, but this won’t properly adjust the progression levels even with them being back-to-back.

Is there any way to do this?

Potentially set the workout for Outside in the TR app, then run it entirely from your head unit even while inside and then still when you transition to outside?

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Definitely a good idea, I hadn’t thought of that as I was thinking I’d start the indoor as an indoor ride on the head unit. You’re right I can just start the indoor ride as a outdoor ride, and that should work. I’ve not tried swapping sensors with my head unit, but that seems plausible.

Thanks for the suggestion!!

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Record the ride on your head unit, and have your computer (or other device) run Trainerroad while inside. When it’s time to go outside, your head unit has the inside part recorded and you’re ready to go.

but that wont tell TR you did all 5 hours of the session - it will think you did 2 or 3 or whatever. I think Chad’s ‘outside ride’ option is the way to do it.

These workarounds are getting convoluted and complicated. Surely with only a month to go until non TR rides get assessed by AT, it’d be simpler to split them out, with the inside being a TR workout with the structured focus on Time In Zone and recovery, and choosing another “TR workout” for your outside portion. Depending on your perception of its contribution to AT training value, associate the outside ride after the fact, based on TiZ for the focus energy system, or before the fact if your terrain and route allows it.

Going the single workout path doesn’t provide as much flexibility for energy systems. Looking at the TR workout catalogue, there are only 2 types of 5hr options.

Endurance 8.4 (Highland +3)
Tempo 10.1 (Highland)

These have about 250 tss.

The association method breaks down in the case of 5hr outside rides with 25% of the time spent above tempo! Using TiZ, I disregard overall ride duration, rest timing, etc and associate with a good fit for the predominant zone (usually sweet spot)

I know this is approaching it from a reverse perspective, and disregarding the structured aspect of outdoors rides, but hopefully useful. In your case, I don’t think sweating the details for an outdoors association is worth losing too much sleep over, just do the indoor workout first if you can, followed by 3hr endurance outside in nature

Yes it will. I just forgot to add that you do not save the ride on Trainerroad. The head unit will keep running. When you’re done you’ll upload a 5 hour time from the head unit which you can assign to the appropriate Trainerroad workout.

  • Do you have a source for this timing?

  • Other than the “soon” comment from Ivy (where Nate added a dump truck load of qualifiers) on the cast 2 weeks ago, I’ve not seen anything even close to that specific timing stated by TR.


Ok, I wanted to be sure and not have others get an incorrect expectation. AFAIK, there’s still no firm timeline stated by TR so we have to wait for more info.