Outside workouts and delaying start of workouts (garmin)

Just curious what other people do regarding starting a workout well into a ride. What I’ve been doing is just doing a regular ride for a bit, getting to a point where I’m comfortable starting the workout without interruptions, saving the first ride and starting a completely new ride with the workout. It seems, from a very cursory attempt, that I can’t load a new TR workout midride, but I can load a previously completed workout, so it doesn’t seem that I can just launch into my workout if I’m in the middle of an unstructured ride. Anyhow, just curious what folks’ workflow is for outside workouts, particularly if you’re the type to ride a bit prior to launching into a more uninterrupted workout. I may be missing something for sure and maybe it’s possible to start the current day’s workout during an otherwise unstructured ride.

I’ve loaded workouts mid ride. Haven’t tried that with TR workouts, but have with Garmin and TrainingPeaks workouts.

My workflow doesn’t apply if you are doing TR workouts. However I wish it was supported. My coach assigns a workout in TrainingPeaks. If necessary I modify zone2 warmup to match course I pick. Takes less than a minute and everything works including TR updating the auto-assigned PLs. Proper default Garmin workout screen - 3 sec power instead of lap power. And post-ride targets in TP and Garmin Connect. Those are 3 big issues and reasons I’m happily using TP for structured workouts.

I always start the TR workout at the start of the ride. (Almost) all workouts require a press of the lap button between the end the warm up and start of the main sat, so I just let that run until I’m ready.


You can definitely load the outdoor workout mid ride. I had a play last week.

I had Baxter last week so marked it as outside, checked it was in Garmin connect, and started the 530. On the start screen the top right button showed the workout was on the device. So good to go.

During the ride (which was recording) go into the training section and the workout is in either in training plan or workouts. Select it and review it then ride it. It wasn’t super obvious.

I also swapped profiles mid ride which is something I never tried before. No issues. Started on my normal profile, swapped to a trainer road workout profile and then back again after the workout.

I’ve been able to do this on my Edge 1000. Pause the ride when I’m ready, go to the home screen, click on calendar and today’s TR workout, load workout, then resume.

I must be looking in the wrong place, I’d only been looking in workouts the couple of times Ive tried (where it only listed past workouts and not the pending workout), so I’ll have to check training plan this coming weekend when I’ll be outside again.

I think it is model dependent. I haven’t tried with the 830, but I know the Fenix 6 won’t.

But I start the workout at the start of the ride. I ignore the warm up step. When I am ready to do the intervals, they are ready with a lap press.

This is my method.

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