Two a Day Sweet spot

I was wondering what peoples thoughts on doing two sessions of sweet spot in a day were? Has anyone tried it?

I don’t often find time to train more than an hour at a time, but because of commuting and other factors I could often train twice a day. Say 45-60 min sessions one between 5:30am and 7:00am and one Between 4:00pm and 7:00pm.

For background this season when I was working with a coach (Who i’m not long with) I often did two a days with Sprints in the morning and Vo2 Max in the evening, I did this twice a week for a number of weeks and seemed to respond quite well.

I haven’t tried it myself, but I think it could absolutely be worth trying, especially if you’ve had success with 2 sessions per day previously.

Obviously, this is assuming that you’re only doing the same volume as you would’ve done originally, rather than doubling the volume. Ie, you do twice as much work but on half as many days. That way you’ve got multiple training stimuli with lots of recovery in between.

EDIT: I’m a regular commuter. Years ago before I was focused on performance, I’d commute 5 times a week, almost always at a fairly high RPE (I’d guess with my current knowledge somewhere around sweetspot for 25-30 mins). It’s a recipe for a whole load of fatigue, and not the good type.

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I’m currently doing Mid volume SSB1 and thinking I could increase the volume of training. My idea was on Tuesdays and Thursdays to go from one a day to two a day, maybe 45 min sessions for each.
I’ve already extended the Wednesday Zone2 ride to 2-3 hours.

Yep, I’ve been training for 3 years now and I commute 5 days a week 30 mins each way. My commute is strickly Zone 1-2 unless it’s being extended and turned into a specific training session.

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Also discovered this.

If you are at medium volume+ it is very easy to make your commutes go too hard. I live in traffic light central, which means constant start stops… so you can end up doing a really bad session of sprint training without intending to

I’m really good at riding easy, often because my legs are shot from the night before. For example, the one day last week when I commuted on the bike with the power meter on, I did 160w Average, 180w NP. With an FTP of 325w.

I’m currently bidding on powermeters because I’m so sure I’m overdoing my commutes!

I always commute with HR strap on, and sometimes make a game of trying to keep my HR below 120bpm (Threshold HR 180).

On that same commute last week my average HR was 105bpm.

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ive done it with great success. in the summer i commute about 60-75 min each way to work. and i did SSHV. i would just split the workouts in 1/2 and do part one on the way in and part 2 on the way home.

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Exactly what I wanted to hear. I will give it a try. Though I’m planning on keeping the weekend to the mid volume workouts.

Awesome and I am now doing 2 hour sweet spot workouts and man they are much different animal than 2 one hour session in the same day. But I still think 2 one hours are better than 1 one hour session

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