2 day/Sweetspot plan

Hi all…Longtime TR member! What a great company and product!!! Currently I have been doing 2-4/TR workouts (usually 1 or 2 are 45:00 -50:00 sweet spot or threshold) 1-2/wk 60-75 Zone 2….3/wk strength training. Lots of recovery etc. I try to focus on minimal effective dose for EVERYTHING! It’s a great journey. I am trying to come up with a 2x sweet spot or threshold plan that will fit with my current schedule creating a bump in intensity. I do not race or have any real cycling goals. I am using this as my cardio portion of my overall fitness regime. I am going to be 61 in April. I come from years of triathlon and cycling which was great at that the time but it has lost its appeal as I’ve grown older. Any ideas regarding this would be well appreciated. Thanks so much.

Why not just use TrainNow to find workouts on any given day?

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Thanks….have been using train now with alternative pics up til now. In 2018 did Sweet spot plans when I had some specific goals. Thinking maybe Polarized may be an option to mix well into my training. What does everyone think?

My problem with the polarised plans is that the high intensity workouts don’t look very inspiring. There’s not the usual variety to keep you interested.
I think Train Now is the best bet.