TSS for basic running and swimming?

I don’t currently run or swim but have decided to start doing easy work. I am not new to either but have done neither for about 5 years. The aim is to lose weight, change focus a little and possibly do another short tri in a couple of years.

I am interested in what TSS to put down for something like ~30 minutes swim or maybe ~2000M and 15-30 minutes easy run on the treadmill.
I did look at a couple of threads to get some idea but I could do with a number. It will reduce my cycling effort so I am keen to add whatever TSS I can to compensate.

I am not entirely focussed on cycling so I am happy to lose some specifity overall

I did check out this thread for some advice and I recognise the comments about not doing too much, coming into it gently and being aware it will hit my cycling


30 min easy run = 18 TSS

This is easy to do yourself in the TR calendar function

2000m at around your critical Swim speed ~ 60 TSS (according to CoachCox website)

I tried doing the math for a few weeks, and most 1hr sessions came out just over 50, half hour just under 30 sonfor a while Injust assumes those value.

Most people conclude that Swim TSS is an overly complex calculation and the numbers mean very little. Now I just use distance to measure my swim training.

It’s worth taking a look at the Elevate plugin for Strava to look at TSS for your different activities, and for tracking your overal CTL, ATL, etc.

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If you are just after a simple way of tracking running TSS then @JoeX’s suggestion of using TR’s calendar calculations are probably as good a way as any.

As he says the numbers related to swimming aren’t particularly meaningful IMO - obviously I do track them because it’s another number to track :blush: but I’m not really sure there’s anything much to be gained by doing so.


Thanks for the responses - they are very helpful.
Any ideas on TSS when rowing (Concept 2 ) per 1000m etc.

I think you’re under estimating TSS (rTSS) for running.

For a cycling reference Taku is 30 minutes and 19TSS @ 0.62 IF. Running is harder on your body than cycling.

Using TP and basing off your threshold run pace (say for 5k/10k) a 30 minute 0.62 IF run is 21 rTSS. However that is almost 3 MINUTES slower per km than threshold pace. I’m not a particularly fast runner, but that would be almost impossibly slow for me to maintain that pace. I couldn’t even think what my form might look like.

Perhaps more reasonably, TP uses 0.75 IF for warm up and warm down in their workout builder. That is still a Zone 1 run using generally default calculators and is about threshold+90 secs. That should feel slow (like you start thinking… Man, this is a slow run… which is what you should be thinking for easy mileage).

30 mins with the above? 31 TSS.

Not me, it’s the TR calendar.

RPE 2 is Easy, try it yourself :slight_smile:

Also, bear in mind that bTSS is not the same, nor equivalent as rTSS. In fact, they aren’t even comparable, they just have similar names to give the appearance of similarity.