Using TSS from strava

Hiya, not the greatest fan of strava but I noticed I get a tss score which varies distinctly from TR.

I have sacked off the running part of the plan as it’s just generic and use an adaptive training running program based on their equivalent of ramp tests. Anyway. Putting the session into tr gives a tss of 63. Doing the effort I got report from strava about the tss that is about double. It was hard for me to run for 95 minutes. And I ached the next day. I felt like I had done frissel etc. Above ftp. Not taxing the vo2 but certain hurting. Everywhere.

I am trying to be consistent in the training and not burn out. Low volume everything but middle distance needs some volume. A week ago I ended up with a couple of days off but I think it’s the running that’s sending me over the edge:-)

Ideas and thought?

I did 30 miles yesterday @ .88 IF according to my Garmin.

Garmin = 114 TSS
TrainerRoad = 117 TSS
Strava = ? I un-subscribed years ago and all my rides are marked as private… IMHO, it’s a social platform (at best)

To put it bluntly, don’t give Strava’s fitness scores the time of day.

I always knew it was a out by a bit through different calculations, but I track TSS myself as well as on TR, Elevate and The last 3 weeks of my training block went ~550/625/700. Strava reckons my 3rd week was somewhere between my 1st and 2nd week… well that was Strava’s final nail in the coffin for me. There was no way my final week was that low.

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TSS is given on Strava as “Training Load.”

Um, why would you expect TR to properly calculate TSS for a run? Where is the power meter?

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Or the anything else for that matter. HR or pace are not taken into consideration either.

I personally dont mind the running workouts in the tri plans, I get that they arent for everyone’s tastes and could definitely do with a fair bit of work, but lets not pretend that the TSS is anything other than a guesstimate.


Avoid any training metric developed by Strava. they are essentially worthless if you are trying to compare across other platforms. I suppose if you remained solely within the Strava ecosystem, you could find some value in them, but TSS is recognzied / used across multiple platforms (TE, WKO, TP, etc) and is the defacto “standard” for now.

I am glad I am not the only one finding this. The metrics and unreliable at best!

When you set the programme it gives an estimated tss in trainer road, it’s based on the RPE score and time. The. I use Elevate as well and my point here is that strava, Garmin, Elevate all give different scores based on the Time/Distance/RPE however these guys have the benefit of HR data to play with. Where as the TR Workout is using TSS which is estimated and I might be overcooking it and I don’t know.

Got myself into a little hole last week and I saw the signs and managed to poke in an extra rest day and really felt the benefit. It was apparent that the runs were probably not easy enough.

Strava is based on PhysFarm and not TrainingPeaks. Biggest difference is xPower vs NP, 25 verse 30 seconds moving average.

i use elevate and that pulls the data from strava and obviously does its own calculations to come with a score.

the bit of confusion is that TR schedules a run at say 50 TSS and i do the run and it comes out at 90TSS on elevate… or visa versa

i am time crunched so its high intensity lower volume i struggle to get out for longer rides. so its 1 -2 hrs day in and drop in rest days once a week or as and when i simply cant face it.

i am looking for a hint in the stats of where i start to crumble.

randomly i went out of about 5 hrs on the bike on Sunday aside from a sore neck i was fine and very litte fatigue the following day.

TSS in elevate was really high and no power meter on that bike.