Swim Workout TSS

Swim workouts don’t have an estimated TSS in the plans - is this because it can’t be calculated / estimated reliably, or because it’s not believed to have any impact yet on your Bike/Run combined stress so not relevant?


Swim TSS can be calculated if you are aware of your 60min TT pace

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60min TT pace = Distance swam in TT / 60
IF = (distance swam / decimal time of session in min)/ decimal 60min TT pace in mins
sTSS = (decimal time of session in mins) /60) x (IF x IF x IF ) x 100

if my geeky memory serves me correct :nerd_face:

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I should have been clearer. I’m ok calculating a TSS (actually using TrainingPeaks for this) I was more asking why there was no estimated value, and whether this was a deliberate decision because it’s not considered valid stress.


This Slowtwitch thread has some good discussion on Swim TSS. I still haven’t got around to trying to track it either.


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Just going to volunteer my opinion: I don’t care to calculate swim TSS manually (especially after a brick workout), so it would be nice if that was estimated and included by default in the triathlon training programs. If the user were able to include their swim “threshold” pace in their profile or elsewhere (measured in time/100m, /100yd, etc), then when they put in the distance and time, and mark complete on a workout, the TSS would get added to their weekly totals. That would be nice!


Curious, no wrong answers: what does TT stand for and what constitutes a “threshold” swim pace? Avg. pace across X number of individual 100m/100yd efforts? Or avg pace per 100 (for example) in a sustained 1000m or yd effort?

TT - time trial. Continual distance as hard as you can cover it.

Threshold (or Critical Swim Speed, CSS) is similar to FTP, the pace you can hold for an hour continual, which you can estimate with a CSS test (easy to google)

Okay, thanks. I’m mentally trying to back into it. Disclaimer: former collegiate swimmer, long-lapsed triathlete, have been out of the game long enough that I’ve never heard of CSS or thresholds for swimming. Always just use my per 100 pace that I can sustain for a set of 6 to 8 100s. So. Much. Data. Available. Now.

Also: my masters’ groups usually use a timed 500yd/m pool effort as a gauge of “where they’re at” for swimming fitness. Doing 60 minutes at “time trial” a.k.a max effort would be asking someone to sprint for an hour (sprint a marathon) with no pacing, right?


Basically while youve been out of the game, cycling has learned from swimming how to do structured training, (All the warmups and interval sessions in TR) and then tried to play back what it learned (FTP, TSS) on to swimming - and it hasn’t really worked, to be honest!

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Yeahhhh…that’s why I’m a little curious. Swimming metrics are so tough, too many variables and (my opinion only) a heckuva lot of “never gonna understand the why and how.” You can train up (also only my humble opinion) 95% of it, but there’s at least 5% of swimming ability that is simply untrainable and comes from, like, nowhere. I think there’s a point where stuff gets esoteric and a little…well…yogic-mystic in terms of swimming training and natural abilities. We should ask Amber what she thinks ;D