TSS from running, any point in manually adding it?

Running is my form of commuting, generally runs are between 5 to 10km covering at least 50 to 60km per week. Not really training for anything as such running wise.

For cycling do structured training using TR with two weekend rides using a power meter.

I have a Stryd running power meter to get accurate TSS from that.

I know it is part of road map to add this to calendar feature. Is it worthwhile manually adding TSS from running to my account?

I think if you use it conisstently and don’t use it to compare to cycling TSS then you can extract value from it - as is often said though, not all TSS is created equal. If you know you can handle 250 cycling TSS and 250 running TSS in a week then that is a good benchmark. But a week of 50 cycling and 450 running is not going to be the same impact.

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I find tracking training TSS (swimming, biking, and running) as well as some notes on life stress are helpful. I go over past issues and often correlate illnesses and slight injuries to rapid overall TSS increases. I am over 50 so am probably more subject to issues. Trying to add no more than 30 TSS every week during base/build phases.

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Well based on data I get from the Stryd running power meter the TSS is normally around 300/week give or take 10% - most of runs at moment are very steady as I am conscious not to impede progress on the bike