Full Distance Triathlon Plan - Mid Volume

Hi Guys,

I am currently on the Full Distance (Ironman) Mid Volume plan and enjoying it, almost through my first build phase of the plan.

Looking ahead the TrainerRoad plan has scheduled a Half Iron Race for the weekend of the 4 Weeks out from the Ironman Race (Which aligns perfectly with my 70.3 National Champs).

Description on TR is as follows:
If you aren’t racing today, do this 4-hour bike workout largely or entirely in your aero position and then transition quickly into your running gear and take off on a longer duration, 75-minute run at an Easy-Moderate, RPE6 pace where you’ll get up to race pace quickly.
Half-Distance Triathlon

Surely it should state Half-Distance Triathlon at your Full Distance Ironman Pace?


To me, this reads:

  1. ride 4 hr → run 75min starting at rpe6 and working up to full distance tri race pace
  2. race a half distance triathlon

Question being should you race the 70.3 at IM pace?