A Question For Triathletes!

Hello everyone!

First of all sorry for my english, I’m from Argentina.

I’m a triathlete, and I have 2 “A” races this year, the most important one is the half Iron Man and the another also really important one is a road race that is 180km. Both races are on November.

And I don’t know with which plan start, because I want to improve more my cycling than my running and swimming.

Should I start with sweet spot base phase 1 and 2, then half distance triathlon build and finally half triathlon specialty phase?

Or start with half triathlon distance base phase and the going on with half triathlon build and specialty?

I would really like any other advice too of course.

Thanks all!

A big question is how much time do you have between the races? obviously not too much because they are both in the same month?

I’d probably just do the half iron plans all the way through. they have a lot of sweet spot and over-under work and that will have you in pretty good shape for the road race.

I guess another question is how much climbing the road race has? And are they long climbs? or more punchy stuff? If it’s long climbs, definitely just follow the half iron plans. If it’s more punchy stuff I’d focus on some short power/ VO2max stuff in-between the races if you are fully recovered.

Here is what I’m doing this year. I have a 70.3 in September ssb1+2 mid volume ssbuild then tt fulldistance base build specialty.

If the half iron is before the road race I would taper for the half iron then depending on the number of weeks do 2 days off then start back with cycling to hold your fitness that you have.

If the road race is before the70.3 take a do a mini taper and use the road race as a long training ride.

You would have enough time to do 2 base build cycles before your specialty for the 70.3

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Your english is awesome…better than some people I know who speak it as their native language.

I somehow just assumed the road race was after the 70.3 since that’s the order you listed them… but +1 to this if it’s before.


+1 lol

Having lived in Europe for a few years and having a lot of South American friends (including a few from Argentina) This is generally the case :slight_smile:

How much training can you do?

I’d consider the full distance tri plan - more than you need for a half, and enough for 180km bike too.

…but what I’d really think about, is whether it’s smart to do both events in the same month.

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That might backfire – as I understand it, the full distance will have you working at lower intensities, whereas the half-Iron will have you higher-up the zones.

It’s a compromise all right, but it’s not like you’ll fail to finish either event. I’d say you’d have a good chance of a strong performance at both, and the training stress to recover from the half quick enough to perform at the bike race.

The downside has to be the additional training effort.

Hi ntdeck,

Thanks for the advices.
I have 2 weeks between races and in the road race there is not too much climbing, so I think I would start the half distance plan.


Hi andrewedge,

Thanks for the advices!!

Hi JoeX,

I only have like 10-12 hours per week for all 3 disiplines, so I don’t think that I could follow the Full distance plan.

Thanks for the advices!

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Ho Danielm,

Yes I think I’ll follow half distance plan, because I also want to improve my speed.

Thanks for the advice!

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10-12 hours per week would be plenty to follow the Full Distance plans (mid volume at least) if cycling was your main focus. You may want to adjust the Sunday long rides to the Sunday rides from the Half Distance plans though, saves a good chunk of time and still gets you the aerobic work you need for the Half without spending all day on the bike. I will agree with others that the full distance plan might be a bit lower intensity than the half which could hurt you in the 70.3, but will help on the 180km. It’s always a balance!

Just my 2 cents!