Triathlon - Half Distance - training plan

in May I have my first start - IM 70.3 St. Polten(26.05.2018). This week I finished the Base Phase ( Half Distance Triathlon Base - Low Volume). What should I do next?

Build and Specialty Phaze lasting a total of 16 weeks, I have 20 weeks left to start.
Begin Build phase ?

I manage to do most of the workouts, sometimes I have to change the place of swimming and running days, but I keep the weekly amount.

I think I’d start the Build and keep the extra weeks up your sleeve in case of illness and the like. If it all goes to plan and you stay on track it might be worth either creating yourself a 4 week block of training or taking a block from existing plans (maybe repeating the final 4 weeks of Build?) to sit between the end of Build and the beginning of the Speciality phase.


This is perfect advice. It’s always nice to budget a little bit of wiggle room to adjust for missed training due to whatever life may throw at you. Repeating a portion of your Build phase after you’ve finished it is also what we’d recommend, since this will have the greatest impact on your performance come race day.

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Aparat from the plan, how offen should i core training and strech?

Thanks for your advice.

For stretching to be effective it needs to be done consistently. I do three times a week but it depends on how much I have been sitting. If I am up and about all day and not sitting at my computer I decrease it and increase it if I am doing more passive stuff. I stretch after working at my desk and during my walk breaks.

I focus more on mobility over stretching though and do preactivation drills and dynamic stretches before every run.

I do core twice a week at the end of my lifting sessions but you can do more if you have time.