Sprint Triathlon - Plan choice

Hi there,

I’m new to the TR forum, but in my second season of using TR for training (and my second Tri season too). Last year I started about now with TR for the start of the season in May, this time around I started earlier, giving me a few options.

So far I’ve done the Sprint Tri Medium Base and Build plans. I’ve got about 18 weeks until my A race. My current plan is to Re-start the 4 week mid volume build plan, for 2 weeks then do two 8 week blocks of the mid volume speciality plan. Or complete the 4 week build phase followed by a cut down (6 week) speciality and a full speciality phase, or something else

It feels like it makes sense to complete the speciality plan upto my A race, is there a more effective way of using the 10 weeks in between?


Assumming I am reading this correct and you are just now finishing the Sprint mid volume build this is what I would do. 2 weeks of easy riding probably sweet spot work along with easy runs/swims. Then go back though sprint mid volume base->build->specialty. That will put you at 18 weeks. You will be better served by doing more base work than 16 weeks of specialty work.

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