Training plan Timing

Hey, I am training for my second 70.3 and I am hoping brake 5hrs. I am currently doing the base plan, and have scheduled the Half Distance build then specialty, that would leave me 8 weeks from my A Race, so I do have time to fit in another plan somewhere, what should I do and where?

Should I push back the specialty and do something else after my build, I know I shouldn’t do back to back builds. But what if I do 2 weeks recovery then maybe the last 6 weeks of the build plan again? Then I could do the specialty right into race day or is that maybe too much build and I will end up burnt out?


Extra time is usually best spent during the Base phase. Back to back Builds will be too much and there’s no need to extend the Specialty phase.

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One possibility with the extra time is to repeat Base, but tweak it a bit to focus on your weakest discipline.