Olympic Distance Triathlon in 6 weeks

I have an Olympic distance Triathlon on September 15 which is 6 weeks away. I am currently biking 50k(1:45 0.8IF) minimum each ride outdoors, running at least 8k((47min 0.75 IF) when I run and 1800m(40min 0.8 IF) in the swim. So my base fitness is quite good. These past couple of weeks I haven’t done much training but need to get back into it. My question is should I Mid Volume Specialty Olympic Triathlon plan or Mid Volume Build Olympic Triathlon plan?

Thanks for your input!!

We typically do not recommend skipping base, but since you have been consitently training up until this point (and your target event is very soon) I would recommend jumping into the Build Phase.

Perhaps Weeks 1-5, followed by Week 8 of the Specialty Phase as your taper week :+1:

Good luck!