70.3 training periodization

I am currently training for the Redman half-distance Tri in September. I completed the half-distance base and I will start week 8 of the build next week. I need advice about which plan to do next. My original thought was to go back to base and complete base-build-specialty leading into the race. In the most recent podcast they answer a question about a TT and full distance and recommend the athlete complete base-build-specialty-build-specialty. I think I have heard them answer this question both ways. I have enough time for 3 phases. Does anyone have thoughts on how to best prioritize them?

Thank you!

Yeah, usually those decisions specific to a specific user-submitted question come down to time available before your A event. For you, it may be worth doing Base>Build>Specialty if you have the time - at least, that’s where I’m leaning. Definitely make sure you have enough leeway in your plan to adjust around unexpected illness or vacations.

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