Switching swim workouts for more bike and run in Full IM training Plan during pool closeout

Hope Coach Chad can advice on this one, My pool is still closed and there is no chance to swim at least for other 2 months, I am starting a new Full IM training plan and would like to change swim workouts for some more bike and run, what are your thoughts/recommendations?

I wouldn’t feel too guilty about modifying TR triathlon plans if I were you… :upside_down_face:

If you can’t swim you can’t swim, but make sure you don’t overtrain yourself in the other areas. Personally I’d probably add more low intensity volume onto whatever bike/run you’re already doing.

There was a podcast question about this a (can’t remember which one) and the gist of the response was focus on recovery instead.
If you usually have to get up early to swim, take the sleep in, do more rolling/stretching/whatever instead