Replace Swim Workout in Tri Plans

I have a different kind of question… I am just getting back into running. I am an avid and I mean avid cyclist. 10-15hrs a week. When I don’t ride I am a miss my bikes kind of person. But, I used to tri’s many, many years ago. Anyways, I am looking to get back into running and maybe do a tri or 2 with my daughters. We don’t have access to a pool or place to swim for the public. Only high school swim team. That being said, I am not worried about the swim. My question is looking at plans, I want to replace the swim workout with either a run or bike. Curious if you’d add more cycling or running to replace the swim in workouts? And what type of effort? Zone 1/2 type workout? Thanks

Replaced by one cycling workout z2 and strength day./yoga