Adjust plan for pool closure?

My main pool is closed May - September. My back up pool is currently closed, and my back up back ups pool is closed starting today for 2 weeks. I give up on swimming for 2 weeks lol.

My question, How/if should I modify my plan? I am currenly in the build phase as prep for IM Lousville. Should I add some more biking/running to replace my lost swims? I posted my calendar below.

you could always add in some dry land training with some resistance bands mimicking the swim stroke. I wouldn’t do that for 50 minutes for sure. But maybe 20 minutes. I don’t think you’re going to lose a ton of swim fitness in two weeks

Great question for the guys over at Tower26. Have not heard that question before. What are the odds of all 3 being down at once? Yuck

The swim gods have spoke

The main pool I swim at is a high school and they started on a expansion project last year so over the summer the pool was up for renovation. My backup was also a high school which closed for renovation. 3rd was a middle school and they are closing for 2 weeks to do summer maintenance(school starts right after maintenance is up). I should probably find something other than a school as a back up.

I am not too concerned about losing swim fitness, but I was considering adding a bike or run to the week to help keep training hours and tss up. Although, I am not sure a extra bike and run will make any impact on fitness in the grand scheme of things.

I’m not a coach but I would be concerned about the impact of adding a bike or run in place of a swim. I look at swimming as giving my legs a bit of a break from the pounding they take from running and some of the stress they go through on the bike. Maybe an extra bike but I’m not sure that will do much for you.

I would add band work and pullups to keep the muscular endurance in your upper body up. If you feel like your legs can handle more maybe some low intensity spins, but I wouldn’t think of it as having to add extra weekly tss to make the number. Swim workouts are just totally different from bike/run.