Recovery days on specific days

I do 7hrs of SS or above a week with two rest days a week normally on a Monday & Friday. I was wondering if the days I rest matter? Does it have to be these specific days to see adequate adaptation?

Was curious as this Thursday I can’t train due to family commitments and Im moving Carillon +2 to the Friday, Does this really matter? I feel like i’m just overthinking as aslong as I get the workouts in that’s all that matters surely?

I move workouts around all the time to fit in with life. So long as you don’t do them all on the same day it shouldn’t be a problem. The schedule is just whatever you chose when you added the plan/used plan builder, doesn’t mean you have to stick to it.

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Awesome! I thought that was a case, I follow the plan abit too religiously some times :laughing: :laughing:

I’ve done back to back days (I specifically experimented over one of my lockdown blocks. My n=1 I have to be on top of recovery and sleep. I also tried to put the harder workout day 1 of the 2.

I personally found I got a fitness bump when I standardized the days I rode. Back in the day I would avoid the trainer at all costs and switch my weekday rides around due to weather. I’d aim for Tues/Wed/Thur/Sat/Sun but it could be Wed - Sun if it was going to rain Tuesday or Mon-Wed/Sat/Sun if it was going to rain Thursday. When I switched to just riding indoors during the week I noticed a fitness bump that I attribute to having a more consistent schedule. Is it the end of the world? No. Was it a noticeable change after a couple months of improved consistency? For me, yes.

The way my life works I know that the only days I’m likely to get outside between October and March are Fridays and Sundays. So I schedule the plan that the longest/hardest/most suited to outdoors workouts are done on those days.

Saturday therefore becomes a day off.

I then try to have a middling workout on Monday, another off day Tuesday, a hard workout Wednesday, then Pettit or similar on Thursday.

It was clearer in my head, but does that all makes sense?!

Of course, sometimes life happens and things get fitted in as and when, but that’s the aim, anyway.

I like Mondays and Fridays as rest days and the other days active too but sometimes that’s not possible in life just move things about. It’s easy on the TR calendar.

Always Monday off due to hard back to back weekend sessions - and racing in the summer…but apart from that a bit of switching won’t hurt…wouldn’t put a SS session the day before any o/u though :grimacing:

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