Trauma and fasting blood sugar level

So I had a bad crash few month ago. I broke my arm and I had a ac join separation. The shoulder needed a surgery.
Before this my fasting blood sugar was just normal: never above 100 closer to 80-90. But 2 days after the crash I was in the lab before surgery and my blood sugar was 104. One bad result it’s not a drama I thought. During the recovery process I had infection and I needed corticosteroids. In that time I had another blood glucose test and the result was 109! I bought glucometer and with the steroids results were always above 100. Few days after I quite steroids readings were good again: 91, 85, 78 - spontanic measers in different days.
Few days ago I had second surgery (my hook plate was removed) and after the surgery fasting sugar rises again: about 110. After meals and before bad all the time everything is just fine: peak 1h after meal even full of carbohydrates is about 110-115. 2h after meal about 80-90. The same before sleep.
Is it normal or should I visit a doctor? Maybe I should wait untill healing process will be finished but how long should I wait untill next lab examination?

Thx in advanced for your help.

Sorry that you had such a bad crash and injury. One of the side effects of corticosteroids is to raise blood sugar levels and to increase insulin resistance. For only short term use, as in your case, blood sugar levels typically return to normal once the corticosteroids are discontinued. The stress of surgery can also raise blood sugar levels. As the body recovers from surgery, blood sugar levels usually normalize. Always check with your doctor, as this post is general information rather than medical advice. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


Some questions to ask yourself

  1. are you diabetic, if so t1 vs t2
    If not why are you so worried about BG values they are quite normal and one would expect a rise in BG post meal
  2. are you still eating & training like you were prior to injury
    Training decreases intra muscular & intra hepatic glucose stores and gives carbohydrates an easy place to go. There’s also some non insulin mediated glucose uptake during exercise but don’t worry about that.
    If your really worried yes see your physician. Especially if these BG # are way off for you. But for most people they are well within the normal fluctuation we all have. Best of luck with recovery
  1. No, I’m not a diabetic but I regulary monitor my health and fasting BS in one of indicators I check. I have diabetics in my family so this is a risk factor for me.
  2. I eat less but still healthy food. I don’t train like before, I still can’t but I’m an active person. I walk a lot and do some easy and moderate rides on my trainer. I do about 200 TSS a week + 1-2 hours of walking a day. Before the crash I did about 500-600 TSS a week + 1h of walking a day (way to work) + a gym 2 x a week.

I visited my surgeon yesterday and he said - wait 4-6 weeks and do blood test again. You needed time to got back on your feet again, he said.

Thx a lot for you replies.