Nutrition after major surgery

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Two months ago I fell off a 7-meter bridge while riding my bike. I was extremely lucky to “only” break both legs, my spine and ribs. After 4 operations they have managed to free the spinal cord and it looks like I will be able to walk and ride a bike again.

I got out of the hospital a week ago and right now my priority is to recover as soon as possible. That’s why my query, after listening to almost all the podcasts, I understand that my body right now is working at 100% even if I’m in a wheelchair or lying down all day. Hence I am eating extremely well, maximizing protein, vegetables and fruits. I have also started taking iron, vitamin D and omega 3. I’m eating like I was doing a 3 hour bike ride all day. I now I will gain some weight but that’s a minor problem right now.

Anything else you recommend, would it make sense to take creatine for the back exercises I do in rehab?

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Holy hell….I am glad you are here and on your way to being able to walk and ride. Best wishes for a swift process.

Sounds like you have the basics covered…fuel your recovery, eat balanced foods, etc.

I don’t think creatine will help….it benefits explosive, anaerobic activity.

I would suggest consulting with a registered dietician who has experience working with patients undergoing similar recoveries.

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Lyle McDonald, one of the very few nutrition people I trust, has a book on just this topic. Here’s the link: Nutrition for Injury Recovery - Bodyrecomposition Store


Jesus Christ man, I’ve got chills by just reading this. I wish you a speedy recovery, let’s all be safe out there.

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Eat well. Sleep well. Get out of the way and let your body do what it needs to recover!

You’ll gain a few kilos. Once you feel a little better, you’re going to want to move. Once you can move, you’re going to want to try and do things to speed the recovery process up and regain fitness. Don’t! Wait until the doc clears you for rehab and PT. Then do what they tell you, nothing more nothing less until they tell you you’re ready for more! It’s going to take time! Accept this and be patient!

Injury recovery is not equal to training recovery, so I would listen to health specialists more than training coaches. Rehab and physiotherapists.

If your diet was poor before the injuries now could be a good time to set up a routine and variety that you can take beyond recovery?

And welcome back :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you all for your replies. I’ll seek for some guidance with a professional

:astonished: I hope you are doing well now!

I ate as normal after my major surgery but it was a bowel/colon op.