Have I recovered enough?

I have been doing Sweet Spot I (High Volume) plan for the past 6-7 weeks. After 4 weeks I got mildly sick and had one week of recovery with some very light spinning. After that I did the last 5th hard week fully and finished the last 6th week which is recovery week.

The thing is that whenever I need to walk up the stairs I immediately feel my legs burning even though I have had a lot of recovery lately, a week of zone 2 spinning and a week when I was sick. I am wondering if I have recovered enough, might there be something I am doing wrong or is this normal? Or have I over-trained? Should I start SSB II now? I eat well, maybe even too much. I eat a lot of carbs and my weight is dropping really slowly. I also sleep well.


First I don’t know your history but high volume is really hard and I blew up after two weeks and then dropped it down to medium. You might be more conditioned than me but it’s worth looking at, could be getting into overtraining zone which might have made your sickness worse. Maybe look at some other things like resting heart rate, mood, fatigue/stress in the day.

You say you’re eating well, definitely enough to replenish muscle glycogen? Muscles low on glycogen tend to burn a fair bit. I last got sick after peaking for an event and I lost 1.5 kilos. Took me two weeks to get back to normal weight and I had to eat a ton to get it to stick, are you roughly the same weight now as you are before you got sick? I’d also consider your electrolyte intake.

kordis - SS High Volume is a killer, kudos on taking it on. One of my best base periods was on SSB1 medium volume. Unfortunately I crashed and burned after starting into SSB2 albeit with some fatbike racing. The root cause was that although I thought I was eating enough with the right macro balance, I really was deficient especially in protein and carbs. I second Theo, give your nutrition another look.

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