Transition from ssb mid volume 1 to low volume 2

Good day,

So i am nearly finished on my sweet spot mid volume plan, but i realized that i go easily burned out on the volume of the workout per week. I often skip a workout but do it in the next day and sometimes i really feel weak on some workouts that i need to be really strong and focused. So i plan to transition to low volume 2 when i finished my mid volume 1 plan. The question is, is it ok to transition from mv1 to lv2?


You’ve spotted a “flaw” in your plan and are acting now to rectify it before it overloads you. Good work for noticing that you were digging a hole and getting on top of it.

It will be better to complete the LV plan with consistency and health rather than wear yourself down with the MV and struggle to hit the targets.

You can always add to the LV plan if you want some longer workouts or more TSS with + versions of the workouts or additional workouts taken from the MV plan where sensible.

Keep up the good work.