SSB1 low - > SSB2 medium volume

Starting training plan in September. Aiming for medium volume base-build-speciality.

I would like to mix in non-structured weekend rides while the weather is still nice.

Is it ok to start with SSB1 low volume complemented each week with a Sunday outdoor ride that has TSS similar to the difference between low volume and medium volume, and then continue indoor only with SSB2 medium volume?

Sounds like a good lead in transition. Be aware that you may have a notable difference from your LV outside supplements vs the more structured and possibly more intense inside work in MV.

That also accompanies the fact the SSB2 is a measurably more difficult phase than SSB1. I think it can work for you, but the jump might feel a bit tough initially.


Hi Chad! Thanks a lot for the input. I have another question…

I have a unavoidable two-week pause at the end of December (Christmas holidays trip, no bike or trainer available). Since I don’t have specific event at the end of the plan, I can afford to a move start of the plan couple of weeks earlier or later, should I adjust the calendar so the December pause aligns with final (recovery) week of SSB2 or with week 4 (recovery week) of Sustained power Build?

Yeah, if possible setting the recovery week to take part in half of your break makes sense to me.

I know that. But at the end of SSB2 or in the middle of the Build?

I can’t answer that. You have to look at your schedule and decide what makes sense in the longer view.

The break can be handled at either point with equal impact. That is more about where you want you fitness and potential followup from the Build.