Changing volume mid-plan?

What happens if you change between different volume versions of a workout plan mid-way through a plan? I am considering switching from the mid-volume version of Sweet Spot Base 1 to the high-volume version, but I don’t want it to treat me as though I were starting the Sweet Spot Base 1 plan over again from week 1. If I’m in week 3 of the mid-volume version, I would like to continue in week 3 (or 4) of the high volume version. I don’t want to start over again from the beginning…

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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Hey Adam!

If you have the time to start over from Week 1 of SSB I, that would be my recommendation. However, if your schedule does not allow it, then jumping into Week 3 of SSB I HV is a viable option.

As with any increase in volume, listen to your body for signs of fatigue and be cognicent of your recovery routine :+1:

Happy training!

Thanks, Bryce. I appreciate the response.

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How is this done. I am at the end of the 2nd week of SSBHV1 and was thinking of moving to MV1 as I am struggling for time a little.

I did this going from LV to MV. I just went to plan builder matched up my start dates then went back to the start of the LV plan and removed it. Transition was relatively easy

Not exactly related but if I can pencil in 4 rides a week, am I better going low volume and adding in a endurance/fun ride or selecting mid volume and skipping one?

Not training for anything in particular but want to add some structure back into my riding

Go low volume and add. Complete psychological trick, but you’ll feel better adding more to a low volume plan than you will missing or deleting workouts from a MV one IMO.


It was easier than I thought to change mid-plan. I had completed almost 2 weeks.
I deleted the original plan and added the new plan with the same start date as the original one. It just populated all the days going forward from the current date, so it now finishes on the same data as originally planned.

Thanks for the assistance.