Switching from Low Volume to Mid Volume after completing SSB1

Anyone have difficulty with this? I comfortably completed the first phase of SSB1 Low Volume. Very happy with an 8% FTP increase considering I didn’t re-test until 2 weeks after completing SSB1 due to holiday and family.

I have the time to devote to training, but will jumping up to the Mid Volume plan for phase two of Sweet Spot Base be too much of an increase in TSS? My concern is I had a long break from training prior to starting SSB1, however, I felt really good throughout that first block of training. Should I stick with what worked well, or go see how much more I can improve with increased volume?


Speaking from personal experience, I couldn’t handle the full Mid-volume. SSB wasn’t the issue, it’s when you move into the build phase when there is more TSS. I got burnt out and ended up missing a lot of workouts and getting sick.

Not trying to talk you out of it. I took those lessons from last year into this year, and I am doing Mid-Volume but I am only doing 4 workouts a week instead of 5. I think low volume isn’t enough for me, but full mid-volume is too much, so I just edit it a bit and meet in the middle.


That’s where I think I may be as well. Leaning towards throwing in a longer, fun weekend ride and sticking with low volume.

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I can’t claim any success here, as I’m only a few weeks in, but that’s kind of what I’m doing. I wanted to ride more than three days a week, like ssb1lv would have us do, so I started doing the MV plan, and I’ve been shortening the two 90 minute rides each week to 75, and maybe one of the 60 min ones to 45. This is very different work than I thought would be. I’m finding it kind of frustratingly low intensity, but yet when a workout is done, I’m feeling the stress for sure. This is the first structured training I’ve ever done, and I’m eager to see where it gets me. I


Last year I did low volume ssb and added a 1 hour threshold workout on Saturday’s. I did this after first session instead of bumping up to mid volume. It was very successful doing that. This year I am doing all mid volume builds. I’m no expert but had a similar experience to what your going through.



Good question @mbiemer. I actually just finished Sweet Spot Base 1 low volume, followed by Mid Volume of SSB2. I’m entering the recovery week before the build phase. I was able to complete the SSB2 mid-volume workouts quite well at 100% which meant generally I was able to handle the increased volume. However, I also needed to ensure that I recovered between workouts as the fatigue mounted (more sleep, foam rolling, etc). For about half of the weeks, I skipped the easier endurance ride mid-week (Wed) and sometimes dialed down the workout on Sundays (i.e. select an easier version / cut-in half). At the end of SSB2, my legs are nicely fatigued and I posted a modest FTP bump.

Likely for the build phase, I will go back to low-volume and then add an extra weekend workout in (either outdoors or indoors by taking the extra workout in from the mid-volume plan).

In your case, you could go either way, starting with low-volume and adding extra workouts (or selecting the +1/+2 variants) or mid-volume and then dialing down or removing specific sessions. Pay attention to fatigue levels, motivation and ensuring good recovery between workouts!


I would stick to low volume and add an extra ride. If you have the time, i would make that a long endurance ride. Build up to Vogelsang or even longer.


As the low volume and mid volume are so similar ( just added workouts I think) After SSBLV1 I switched to SSBMV 2 but considered the Sunday ride optional.

I did Wednesday ride (petit) fasted and as it’s the easiest of the week don’t feel like it made the block that much harder than SSBLV.

With the Sunday ride I kept I on the calendar so I’d know what it was - but if I didn’t do it I deleted it (as opposed to just letting it skip like I do for other rides if I miss them because of illness / fatigue etc.

In the week tips there is always an easier variant for the Sunday ride so I would see how I felt on Sunday and either do the ride as planned, do the variant, do an outside ride or skip it and not beat myself up about it i couldn’t do it for whatever reason - life, fatigue etc

I’m hoping to do the same in build but I have noticed the tuesdays and Thursday are not as similar Between low and mid volume for build so I’m not sure how well it will work this time

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I’d go same as this.

Stick to low vol and if you feel up to it, add in a ride from that week on the mid vol plan.