TrainNow to Consider Upcoming Workouts

When will the TrainNow feature consider upcoming workouts in its recommendations. Let’s say I have a couple workouts in my training plan I don’t like so I use TrainNow. I don’t want the suggested workout to throw my next several workouts off or make it too difficult to achieve upcoming workouts. It would be great if it would suggest alternative workouts that somewhat fit the training plan.

AFAIK, that is not on the docket. TrainNow looks at what you have done and fills in a recommended workout. I have never heard the TR team talk about it considering your future workouts.

But I think you can use some basic logic. If you have a VO2 max effort scheduled for tomorrow, but you haven’t ridden for a few days, TN might recommend an attacking working. You know you have VO2max tomorrow so pick the endurance ride.


If you’re needing this often and finding yourself using TrainNow once or more a week and feel like you’d like it to be more responsive to the full scope of your plan, upping your volume would be the fix you need, where that added workout serves the purpose of looking ahead at whats to come, and can serve alternates that still fit within the goals of your plan! :+1: