Train Now request

It’d be a nice TR feature to be able to use Train Now to plan future workouts. For example, if I want to work out the next day and the subsequent day, what would Train Now suggest given my workouts on the schedule for the prior days. Xert does this and it’s a nice way to plan workouts for the week.

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So you want a training plan?


Without the template feel to it and the flexibility to train when I’m ready to


No. I want train now to have the ability to recommend rides on days in the future based on what I have planned between today and that day.

Pretty sure you can already do this

That just gives you the recommended workout at the current time.

Considering the all of 5sec it takes to load a trainnow workout it seems like a waste of time that wont make you any faster so probably would be a waste of TR’s time based on their past input on feature requests


One think I feel is missing in TrainNow is a text saying why they suggest a given workout. It typically recommend an Endurance workout for me, even if I have done endurance rides for the last week. If they added an explanation (dynamic, for this particular recommendation) I would be more confident in their suggestion.


as someone who trains in the early morning hours, I’d just like the ability to use train now to select a workout the night before. as far as I understand now, it only does day by day. so a 11pm train now request would yield different results than a 1 am request.


Right. I’d like a few days in the future. It’s giving us the ability to create a dynamic plan for the few days ahead vs the static plans that some of us don’t follow because of the dynamic nature of life.

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Setting a Train Now timeline would be cool. Of course you can make a plan but it would be nice to be able to make a “mini plan” of sorts. As in be able to make a plan for the next three days, one week, two weeks, etc. using the Train Now feature.





In reality, how would an “enhanced” TrainNow that only schedules 3 days out be much different than a static plan in the dynamic life regard?

What happens if life throws you a curveball 2 days in the future and enhanced TrainNow has you scheduled out 3 days? You are likely still not going to follow the proposed plan by changing that days workout, correct?

Maybe I’m STILL missing the point?

Ideally it wouldn’t be limited to the number of days in the future, but the benenefits would lessen the further out you go because of the lower likelihood one would do the suggested workout the further out it gets.

There are many examples of these scenarios and some digital training platforms base their planning solely on this method because people typically don’t / can’t follow plans closely enough to the prescribed schedules. Ideally It would also factor in your target event with the recommendation.

Simple examples, my friends invite me on a. 3 hr hammer fest ride on a Saturday. I do that and afterward I’m toast…how can I plan out my next few days/weeks given my fatigue from that. Or Kids got sick and I couldn’t ride the sat/sun rides but now I have an easy week but don’t need the rest.

@ntwilson30 Hey! I feel as though what you are requesting exists to a degree just within Plan Builder. I’ll expand upon that.

Both TrainNow’s selected workouts in each category of Climbing, Endurance, and Attacking and the workout that is ‘Recommended’ will change as you move through each day of training (or rest). It’s assessing what you’ve completed in real-time, and making a recommendation accordingly.

That said, the request to look forward at the scope of your training before and after a given day with the assumption that you will complete those workouts and pre-selecting the workout that aligns with those exists through Plan Builder.

Granted, it’s not a TrainNow workout that will be assigned, but it is achieving that need of finding the best ‘Recommended’ workout in the context of your training.

Like TrainNow, those assigned workouts will change in real-time as you move through training to ensure you’re getting the best workout on that specific day. If this request is for a more organizational purpose to plan ahead your TrainNow workouts, I’ve seen a number of athletes use annotations to create placeholders such as ‘TrainNow Endurance’ that they then replace with the corresponding TrainNow workout day-of.

There’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ feature request!

I do want to just clarify that we tend to prioritize feature requests that will help the *greatest number of athletes get faster in the immediate future, and that may not always align with something that may look or seem like an ‘easy’ feature.
The team is absolutely crushing it on some big future releases that we’re really excited about, I’ll be sure to keep providing updates as they become available!


My experience is that TrainNow will typically propose an endurance workout, but I have seen the other types a few times as well. How does it decide what to propose — is it based on time in zone for the last X days, the type of TrainerRoad workouts you have done lately?

Also, for a given workout type I get a mix of achievable and productive workouts. Is there a logic to this or will it just pic a random workout that fits the workout type, progression level and duration?

That’s my experience, in the context of following a plan. However, during my down time/ off season I did have climbing recommended. I was rarely not doing anything - just a break from structure, so it seemed to be on point.

Can I get a blue checkmark and vote based on a weighted average of total TSS spent on TR? :smiley::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: