TrainNow & Future Workouts

Do the recommended TrainNow workouts take into account future workouts in a plan if you use it on a day with nothing planned?

I assume you are referring to AT adapting future workouts? If so, I believe the answer is Yes (kind of)! See the following from the TN FAQs…

How does Adaptive Training respond to the completion of TrainNow workouts if I’m using Plan Builder?

Completing TrainNow workouts will not cause Adaptive Training to adapt the schedule of your Plan Builder training plan. However, completing TrainNow workouts will contribute to your Progression Levels, which could lead to adaptations of workouts in your training plan.

That said… It’s been a minute since I’ve done a TN workout… I believe it DOES still work this way… provided you’ve done a productive TN workout. When I’ve done productive ones in the past, next time I refreshed my calendar, i’m 99% sure my plan adapted…

For reference, here is a link to the TN overview and the FAQ I pulled the above from…

  • Different angle than the reply above but TN does NOT “look ahead” on your calendar in any way. It only “looks back” to what you have done recently. It could foreseeably suggest a hard workout on a day before another hard workout or event assigned on your calendar.

What type of activity does TrainNow consider when making a recommendation, and how far does it look back?

TrainNow will recommend workouts based on your recent TrainerRoad workouts and non-structured indoor/outdoor riding. It’s important to note that while TrainNow will look at your most recent workouts when making a recommendation, it does not consider periodization, fatigue, or other factors. For instance, it will not recognize if you need a recovery week. If you are looking for that type of structure and periodization, we recommend using a training plan. TrainNow is primarily intended for athletes who aren’t on a training plan, or for those who like to supplement unstructured riding with occasional structured workouts.


Altough if you have RLGl activated, Train Now will take that into account. If you’re in a yellow day, all it will give you is either an easy endurance ride or suggest a rest day–no Sweet Spot , VO2 Max, or Threshold alternatives at all

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TN as said will only look back as will Planbuilder plan with RLGL activated, and if you’ve done a hard TN workout it may adapt future planned workouts down to keep you to your plan target.

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That’s great. Thanks all. So it doesn’t takeaway the need to show a bit of common sense then :grin:

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