Trainingplan with 1h-Workouts only


i want to do workouts in the morning before i go to work. Workouts whicht last exactly one hour would fit perfectly.
Is there a trainingplan with only One-Hour-Workouts or how would such a plan look like?



Don’t think there is but given the workouts can be searched easily by time and intensity you could quite easily pull something together maybe?

This will be perfect. can do 60 mins, for 4-5 days in addition to weekend ride. 90 mins on workday, is wee bit longer.

Many of the workouts during the week in the low volume plans are 60 mins. Sometimes 75 mins, but if you’re really time constrained, shorten the warmup and cool down on the 75 min ones, or swap to a -1 or -2 version to get a 60 min workout.

The weekend workouts are usually 90 mins.

I would think this is pretty simple - tick the 60 mins/SS boxes on the workout tab - loads of SS -1/-2 like Galena/Carson/Geiger/ Antelope etc - all with TSS around the 65-75. Do 4x week - Sat/Sun Tue/Thr - with a bit of progression from low to high TSS. After 6 weeks (and maybe a rest week - if needed on 4 hours/week) replace one of the weekdays with a -1/-2 o/u session, month later replace the other with a VO2 max session like bluebell/mills and keep the weekend SS - then when your season comes around add super threshold if you are a time triallist - like a shorter version of Wilhelm or some of those horrid anaerobic sessions if not…simples - mind you as a time triallist I wouldn’t want to race more than a 10 mile tt on that volume.

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