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I’m training for an ironman which is over a year away. Thinking of building power on the bike over the next few months while maintaining swim and run workouts.
I’ve been training hard over the winter and built a decent base fitness across all the disciplines but with the. With the event so far away I can’t periodise my training for that long. Weekly I’ve been training between 12 and 15 hours with a combined weekly tss of 800-1000. This has left me feeling drained all the time and feel like I no longer know which direction my training is going.
So this is why I’m planning on joining trainerroad, doing a ramp test at the weekend then starting a plan next week. I don’t want to follow a triathlon plan because I want to focus on becoming a better all round cyclist this year.
Which plan would be best suit me? Something challenging yet sustainable giving repeatable results month after month with no peak or taper phase needed.
I still want a decent amount of weekly volume and will do longer outdoor endurance rides when the weather allows.

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Im not training for an Ironman specifically (its next couple of years goal though) but I just follow a low volume plan and add my other work outs as works for me. Use plan builder and modify with any extra info works best for you. I personally have now done sustained power build and general build over different iterations and know general gets ME better results. I feel the sprinkling of VO2 is more interesting even if it’s not optimal, I’m just trying to make as big a blade as possible rather than being super specific on muscle endurance only for now.


Sounds good. Definitely more interested in a build phase next and always would prefer vo2max work included as I’d say higher power outputs for short duration is a weakness.
Adding other activities around a low volume plan was something I had considered glad to hear other triathletes use this method.

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Thanks I’ll try that. :+1:

So I’ve joined up again and following this rest week I’ll do a ramp test which I’m almost certain will result in a lower ftp compared to the one I did 5 weeks ago amd I’m heavier too but that’s another story.

Looking a the plans I’m thinking about following a mid volume general build to boost all round cycling abilities over the 8 weeks. I plan to still include 2 weekly swims working mostly on form and 2 easy endurance runs of 1 hour or less.

If weather permits I’ll probably drop one of the weekend rides for a long easy outdoor rides and may occasionally drop a miss week ride to allow for an extra run session.
I guess my question is should I follow the mid volume general build despite not technically training for anything anytime soon or would my time be better spent doing a sweet spot base plan? Should I undertake the mid volume with the plan of cutting or changing the occasional ride to allow for some other form of training? Or would it be better to follow a low volume plan and allow for adding extra rides or runs as and when time allows? I’m assuming that all my weekly intensity is going to be on the rides therefore all other activitys will need to be easy or need to adjust ride intensity to allow for some run intensity?

Sorry I know this will have been asked loads of times but even though I’m really motivated to train lately I’ve been struggling with fatigue and recovery and don’t feel like my training has been working for me which is why I’ve turned to trainerroad again to hopefully get me back on track.

Are you already fully recovered from your overreaching?
If not, I’d not recommend your approach with MV Build + 4 additional sessions.
If you are motivated and want to spent a lot of time for training, but don’t want to overreach, you could do some Z2 hours outside until you get closer to your IM.
Otherwise you could peak this year with a MV plan to get some speed, then make some pauses and then build up your IM periodization.

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I was thinking of starting the mid vol build then add runs and swims if feeling fresh enough but I’ll need to be careful because I normally train beyond my recovery capabilities end up digging myself into a hole, tired all the time miserable and don’t get any fitter. Trying to listen to my body this time and get it right but bike has to be the focus for now at least because I love it to be honest.
I wasnt going to start a proper ironman training program until about 6 months before the event which will mean starting next year so I’d be happy just to maintain running and swimming while getting better on the bike, for now at least.