Training value of ramp test?

Predicting I may get the option for an auto-detection FTP for my next Ramp test scheduled for next week (haven’t seen it offered before) if so I was debating whether I want to auto-detect and do a workout as an alternative or if I should still do the ramp test. Doing a ramp test doesn’t give me a bunch of anxiety or especially bother me other than a bit of knee pain from the grinding to a halt at the end of the test.

What is the training benefit of ramp tests?

With my plan I have done very little work in VO2 or Anerobic so far and am thinking this kind of training likely does contribute more to your ramp test performance, sprinting, or short power efforts.

Training - none. Information about your FTP - it depends, for some close to none.

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If you take auto ftp they add a small workout in its place. Vo2 max I believe

If there is any significant training benefit, it’s on the mental side. Sometimes you have to do things to know/remember you can do things. “Digging deep” is a trainable skill and might need to be “retrained” after each off season if you forget how horrific things can get. V02max stuff is horrible enough to get me where I want to be (minimum effective dose), but the ramp test is probably mentally tougher since you have to decide what your limit is.

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30-40 tss, right?


Yeah my last ramp test was 47 TSS, so maybe it would be more valuable to do the auto detect (if its offered) and then do Gilbert -2 instead.

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Make sure to follow these steps so you will have the option to use AI Detection

I have been doing the ramp test not for any fitness gains. More to learn how close AI is to my efforts. So far it had been AI is 3-5% lower than what I test at. I feel at this point that gap is closing and I getting close to peak FTP without adding strength work or having a willingness to hurt more in my workouts. Neither is likely till later this year. Too busy and have too many schedule conflicts to add more training at this time.

I hit the AI button yesterday and got a 1.5% increase which I ignored as I want to increase time in zone

My next AI time window i intend to hit the AI button and then do a Ramp test to see how close my ramp test result is, once we get progression levels 2.0 (lol) you may get the training benefit of the ramp test, but what you could do create the ramp test in the workout creator to as far as you got, and see how it gets scored

There is always the training benefit of what ever you down

Do 40 - 50 minutes at 100% FTP instead, that is a good Threshold training session with a good amount of value attached to it. A lot more than doing a ramp test (which is probably as good a a 1x 5 minute VO2max session.)

Could not agree more than it’s a good training session but…there is something unpleasant about it that I just can’t quite put my finger on… :wink: