New Here. Do I need to do ramp rests periodicly with Adaptive Training?

Hi all. New here. As in this is the end of my first day using TR. I’ve used both SUF and Zwift before, so I’m familiar with structured training programs in general.

Here’s my Q. I’ve done the TR ramp test and loaded up a plan that will start tomorrow. And after 2 short workouts this morning, TR is already doing its thing and swapping out future workouts in that plan for different ones. Awesome! What I want to know, though, is if and when my FTP changes over time, will Adaptive Training identify that and also adjust my FTP, and therefore the benchmark in all the workouts in my calendar? Or am I expected to periodicly do ramp tests to keep that value in check? i.e. does AT adjust only workouts, or also workouts and FTP?

Thanks so much!

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If you’re on a training plan, when it schedules a ramp test, you will have an option to choose ‘AI FTP Detection’ that will bypass doing a ramp test. If you are not doing a plan and just Train Now workouts, you can schedule a ramp test and select the AI FTP Detection from there.

I’ve found in my experience that this works pretty well assuming consistent training. It did struggle with a month long break I took. but was easily reset with a FTP assessment.


Welcome to TR.

Cory has it.


Thank you!!

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You can adaptive training do its thing and progress up levels or let ai ftp detect your ftp and levels will adapt or do a ramp test. Either should be fine unless you really underperformed a lot on your ramp test initially