Training Setback

Hey all, would appreciate some advice if possible. Myself and a co-worker needed to leave for an impromptu work trip a few days this past week. I was scheduled to start week 6 of GBMV, I was able to get my Tuesday workout in (Williamson + 4). We were on the road early Wednesday the entire day and the majority of Thursday, we flew home last evening. It was not a relaxing few days in the least.

That said, I missed my Wednesday and Thursday workouts. This is the first week I’ve had any change to the schedule. I’ve experienced my best gains since beginning TR during the last half of the base and this build. I can attribute that to maintaining the schedule and staying consistent. My thought was to just jump back in with today’s workout which was Kaweah. I knew 30 seconds into the warmup I was in trouble. I made it halfway through the first interval and game over. This is the first workout during build I’ve had any issue with. I know my sleep and diet were off this week due to the trip so I half expected this. I opted for 60 minute tempo workout and managed to get through it.

Now that leaves me with how to proceed, my thought is repeating week 6 this week but that also leaves me with what to do tomorrow. Considering what happened today not certain a 2 hour sweet spot workout is in the cards. I can opt for the longer endurance workout (Allegheny) or maybe I need to do a lower intensity endurance workout than that one. I would anticipate by Monday I’d be back in the swing of things but really don’t want to loose any forward momentum.

Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks a bunch all.

You could do something like Carson -5 or Truuli -2 (just to get some more intensity, but nothing crazy) and then finish with Perkins -1. Then on Monday do Pettit - 1 (or off if you want, but some consecutive light riding should get you back into things) and back to your schedule.

It could also be just the stress of work/sleep/diet (as you said), so if you get some good sleep tonight, give Aniakchak a go. If you feel you need to bail, just jump to Perkins -1.

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Thanks a bunch, I’ll give that a go. Do you agree with still repeating week 6?

No, my suggestion is to just carry on as if nothing occurred.

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Sure thing. I’d lean towards not repeating, like the other poster suggested.

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Thanks all! Appreciate the feedback…