Sustained power build - fill in workouts for disrupted week

Hi all

Due to some last minute travel arrangements I had to spend the past 4 days out of the country. I am half way through the low volume sustained power build so last week was the lower intensity week before a ramp test originally planned for Monday. I’ve bumped the plan forward by a week so could you experts suggested a couple of sessions for me to do today and maybe one more on Saturday or Sunday (60/75 mins)? Would like to avoid the long tedious ones like Pettit without killing myself ahead of the ramp test.


I love any version of the Monts - Albert or Gosford. The regular versions are tempo with a little dash of SS, + versions are sweetspot and - fits into endurance. Lots of good cadence and climbing drills mixed in. I find the drills break the tedium a bit.

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You could test now - after 4 days off the bike you should be very well rested, and then just continue on with the plan. On the 75 min side though, I really like Kaweah.


Thanks both. Did Mont Albert +1, which was not too taxing but great as I haven’t done a lot of low cadence work in a while. Might get some fresh air on an easy long ride this weekend and get back into it with a test on Monday.

Kaweah is tough! Although I do like the tough ones for that feeling of satisfaction when you’re taken to the edge.