Missing half a week in the middle of General Build

On my 3rd year on TR and I decided to really stick to the plan for attempt 3 and this time it feels like its the best it ever has been. I know it probably seems a bit obsessive but I don’t want to let it slip this time.

I’ve now got to travel for what looks like Thur-Sun, right on the week where the second part of General Build starts (ramp test etc), with no chance of getting near a bike or a gym.

Frustratingly the previous week is the Mid Build recovery week Petit, Mokelumne, Boarstone etc etc, which I imagine would have been much better fit.

So - would it be better to insert another week of General Build workouts (VO2 Over/Unders Threshold+Sprints), risk a bit of overload and push that mid build recovery week on a week to my enforced break (I feel OK at present TSS wise) …or take another approach?

I tried looking at the usual recommended vids (athlete scenarios 1-4 training after a break etc) but nothing really fits this situation.

Feedback appreciated

Hey there!

What I would do in this situation is drop the Sunday Workout from Week 4, then move all of the workouts forwards in Week 5.

By doing this, you can get three workouts in (MoTuWe), which will allow you to get a a portion of the training in for the week, while also getting your needed recovery week.

You will miss out on some of the intended stress, but not enough to derail your program. Just jump back into Week 6 upon your return and get back to training :muscle: