Training plans to just stay fit

Some advice please … I am a Mtb’er aiming to stay fit. The question is do I use the speciality option of enthusiastic or do I build a plan for the year and go through all the phases … no specific races and aim is to ride comfortably with my mates on a Suturday for 150 Min …

Thx Karl

I’d say use the train now feature. One endurance ride and perhaps one (relatively easy) VO2 or Threshold workout should be enough to maintain fitness. If you still want to improve a bit i’d say just do the whole cycle on low volume.



Ultimately, if you’re looking for just staying fit - with the caveat that that means very different things to different people - I’m not really sure that structured training is necessary.

I obviously don’t know your current level of fitness, but in many cases, simply riding your bike 3-4 times a week, once a week going hard, and once a week going long, would maintain a solid recreational level of performance for most people. Ideally, throw in a couple of 20-30 minute yoga or resistance training sessions, and that would likely be more than enough for someone in your position.

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Train Now is a great tool, but some folk feel better sticking to a plan. Ive a mate like that, wont do any sporadic training but if its laid out in a plan/ calendar he’ll train. If you fall into that category @karlbeaton just pick any LV plan you like the sound of and pick a notional date for an ‘A’ race in the future. Also don’t be afraid to tweak it to suit you. I do a lot of outdoors riding at the weekend and drop the intensity of the middle LV workout to an Endurance one.

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TrainNow is likely your best bet but if you do want a plan, consider one of the enthusiast plans found under Speciality. There is a specific maintenance plan that might work for you.

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You can set any of the plans to not have a specific end date or A race and it will just build a plan throughout the year. Just pick a discipline that might be similar to the riding you do, gravity, enduro, or something like rolling road race. This is what I do because I need to have a plan to motivate myself!

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