Advice on training plan

Hello everyone!
I have a question about my training plan. But first i will tell you about my goal(s) and training history to give you a better picture.
I have been using trainerroad on a strucured way for more dan 1,5 year now, and realy satisfied with it, made a lot of progress with it as well in ftp(+30w) and sustainability. Current ftp 283w @66kg. I’m riding a lot on the Mtb(main discipline) and i use the roadbike for the long distance ride’s or TR outside rides

My goal is to finish in a mtb marathon high as possible in the end results. But i’am also realistic that it wont be top 30. since the compentition and pace is realy high and i’am just an mortal of 37 years with a full time job and a wife and 2 kids that are priority number one in life for me. But i like to have a focus point on the horizon.

Currently i’m on the low volume mtb marathon plan and doing some strengt training beside it(core en legs) I’m atleast 3x a week on the bike. 2 to TR workouts and in the weekend longrides (150km) on the road bike, or i’m on the mtb. And if it fits 2x a week strength training.

Now my question is, is the current training plan i’m on sutted for my goals. I know that it is a marathon plan and the first short answer would be, yes!. But the marathon courses where is live (the Nedertherlands) are more “short track” style. The climbs are short and steep. so it’s a lot of vo2max.
Is marathon the plan to go with, or am i better of with short track or olympic plans?
Any advice would be welkom.

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I’d look at the workouts in the later build and specialty phases and see which one matches the dominant features of your races more closely.

If you think the climbs are going to be decisive then that VO2 repeatability is important and the long rides at the weekend probably have you covered for general endurance.

I’m kinda in the same boat as you. Next year I’ll be doing a marathon mtb race that requires punchiness. PB had me doing sustained power before marathon specialty. I opted to change the build to short power to get some more focus on the punchy stuff, but will keep the marathon specialty. Hopefully this will give me the best of both worlds; punchiness and endurance. This might be an option for you as well?

I’d recommend General Build.

Thanks for the reply’s

I haven been comparing the build fases. And general build seems logic. It has some anaerobic workout’s in it. But is anaerobic workout also “covered” with the strength training i also do?

No, it’s not the same. There is no comparison with gym and on the bike training. They both can be beneficial, but in different ways.

Good point. I’ll look into the details when I’m closer to that phase. Just remembered that Jonathan stated once that he used short power build for his XCO racing with great success.

I did GB once and it almost “killed” me. But that was before AT, and as a more “sustained power rider” the GB progression was simply too much for me…

Question regarding the anaerobic work. I thought these where adaptation that are “easy” come, easy go. So does it make sense to dedicate time in build for these efforts it it’s not part of specialty?