Training Plans-Maintenance

I am finishing up a training plan now in Build phase after going through Base. I have raised my FTP and hope to see a further improvement in 2 weeks when I test again. After that I am looking for a “maintenance plan” that I can do for the next two months before beginning to work towards further strength and endurance building. I do not race or enter any events; I just like the workouts and find it helpful when riding outdoors either alone or in a group. How do i design this “maintenance plan” in Plan Builder?
I have also been working at Mid Volume ( 5 days/week) and would like no more than 4 days per week over this next phase of my training. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I think going back to “build” phase with revised power number would also be a good option - can anyone verify that?

There is literally a maintenance plan in the speciality plans list.

Yes, they are already linked in the first reply to the OP.

Apologies, didn’t notice that.

I want a similar thing soon. My A race for the year is (hopefully) in October, then want to dial back cycling to twice a week to try and maintain current fitness (not as concerned about v top end as this will come back quickly, more the underlying base aerobic fitness) whilst I focus more on running. Currently do 3 rides and 3 runs a week but want to spend around 8 weeks focussing on run (4-5 runs a week and 1-2 rides) for 5k and 10k races (Currently 18:54 on for 5k, looking to get down by about amother minute).

These maintaince plans seem more about keeping that high top end and still similar time as ‘normal’ LV and MV plans.

What do people think if only had 2 rides a week - I’m thinking maybe 1 x 75 min with long (15-30 min) sweetspot intervals each week and 1 x 60 min ride, alternating between sweetspot one week and V02 (say rattlesnake) one week.

That way, plenty of sweetspot to keep base going and 1 x V02 session a fortnight - should help maintain most of my fitness (or at least allow me to get it back v quickly), keeping in mind that running will obviously help keep me fit!

Hi Robert. I found this message as I wanted todo the exact same thing this year. Put cycling on hold for a few weeks and concentrate on 5km/10km. Did you have successful following what you described? And, what workouts did you go for?


I didn’t I’m afraid. Stuck with 3 rides and 3 runs a week following Pete Mcgills Fast 5k book plan…5k PB is now 17:54 which I did in October. Not had another PB attempt since but feel strong.

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