Training Plans - Change Options

Hi there, looking for some advice. Im 60 years old with a knee replacement pending (have this on the long finger for a while). I mainly ride mountain bikes (enduro not XC) usually every Sat and Sun. I do a bit of strength training as well probably 2-3 times a week. Nothing too heavy these days, just kettlebell workouts mainly.

I signed up to get fitter and started a base plan with low volume option, but I am finding I cant get the 3 days of the plan per week in as well as my weekend rides. Its not easy to try and incorporate the training into the weekend spins as Im usually with others and the nature of the weekend spins makes it difficult.

I tried to alter the plan to 2 days a week but cant seem to do that in the program. Do I just drop the 3rd session of the week which by looking at the plan is the hardest as its usually 90 mins as opposed to the 60 mins that the other 2 are. Or do I drop the easier one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Just drop one of the days, but make sure it’s the same day each week, as there’s a progression to the workouts. However, if you have time and the ability to do the Saturday 90 min workout mid week, then drop Thursday’s ride and sub with Saturday’s.

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