Training Plan with only 2 rides a week?

Hi everybody,

I‘m just trying to create a customized Training Plan, but I‘m not able to only plan 2 rides a week. But on the volume chooser page it‘s saying „2-4 Rides/Week“.

Any idea?

Another nice option would be, to customize the duration of each training, let’s say 3h on weekends outside and 1h inside. Is this possible?

Many thanks and Cheers from Germany


That means the lowest volume week will have 2 (probably rest wee) and the highest will have 4 rides.

You have to choose a LV plan and then ditch one of the rides.

You can use a LV triathlon plan and ditch the swim and run.

Don’t use the Plan Builder option and pick sweet spot base low volume plan. it has 2 rides during the week and one longer on in the weekend. Go to the calendar and erase the longer ride or erase one of the shorter rides and customize however you want to. Or just mix and match as you like.

Plan builder is a great new feature if it works for you. But if it doesn’t then don’t use it and just pick one of the standard plans TR allows you to change things using their calendar feature by allowing you to more rides around to different days of the week or erasing them entirely.

Just keep in mind that the weekly TSS is progressive so you need to be aware of the rides you chose to continue this progression and make sure from one week to the next the TSS slowly rises toward the rest week.