Not enough time for 3 rides a week

Hey guys! I am doing the half distance triathlon low volume base. I don’t have time for 3 rides a week but on the days I do have time I have a lot of time. For now I am using the workout creator to split the third workout between the two days I have. Does that sound about right?

This is taken from a reddit thread of the same name that I posted. At this moment I have decided to match the TSS by doing a bigger workout mid-week for VO2 and sprint and keeping my weekend workout the same.

Are you training for a specific race? Have you considered doing either of our Time Crunched plans? We have a 30 Minute Time Crunch Plan and a 45 Minite Time Crunch Plan. While these plans are more to simply keep you at a good general fitness level, they sound like they would fit your life schedule much better than a Tri plan. The workouts in these Time Crunch Plans are just shorter versions of workouts we have in our library; typically the -1 or -2 versions. If you choose to do either of these and find you have a day with extra time, you can find the longer version of the scheduled workout and do that instead!

As for splitting the workout into two days, I’m not sure you would get the intended benefit from the workout by doing this but any riding is better than none so if that is what you can fit into your schedule, go for it! For this 3rd workout, if you don’t have time, you could always find the -1 or -2 version as well.


As my family has grown I often find 3 days of cycle training to be a challenge - or at least 3 days with any real time on the bike. I tend to agree and follow what Ian had noted myself.

I have juggled between the 30 minute ad 45 minute “Time Crunch” plans under the Enthusiast listing during the weekday rides, then I try to swap the weekend ride out for a 60-90 minute variant. My “planned” TSS progression all looks fine, but each week’s achieved TSS can vary as I sometimes on the fly switch to a different duration ride.

I try to remind myself that any ride helps and quality over quantity is king…

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The plans allow for double days - I do two rides on Wednesdays, with a gap between.

Do you have time for the 3 swims and 3 runs in the triathlon plan? I’m starting the half ironman plan in December in advance of Victoria 70.3 in June. My past experience has taught me that the bike is the last thing I want to short-change in training.

I’m doing a low volume triathlon plan and have similar time constraints. I’ll add in extra swim/run/bike when life allows and thinking I might do two TR workouts on my day off from work. Don’t know if I’ll get the full benefits from both but don’t see why a morning followed by afternoon is much different than an evening followed by a morning (other than the sleep)