Low volume plan, 2 workouts per week


I follow the low volume plans, but only have time for two workouts per week. I follow the order of the workouts in the plan, but it takes me correspondingly longer to complete. I’m not supplementing with outdoor rides, runs or any other form of training.

I’ve been swapping the two prescribed rides in the plan for more intense variants, to bring my weekly TSS more inline with the plan. I usually select a variant from the stretch category, always the same length as the prescribed workout, which I can just about complete; i.e. I’m going all out. I always feel completely recovered before the next workout.

Is this a good way to maximise the training benefit? Or maybe it doesn’t make sense for me to follow the plan and I could use my available training time more effectively?

Would love to get some advice!

On the podcast the TR crew suggested using TrainNow if only doing 2 workouts per week.


TrainNow is probably your best bet. The other thing you could try is using the HIIT Maintenance plan.

Thanks for the replies. I hadn’t considered train now. Just looked at it now for the first time after reading your suggestions.

I might give it a try. But for me it’s a huge motivation to know that I’m following a training plan created by an expert (obviously I realise I’m only following it loosely).