Edit Plan Builder for 2x rides/week?

New member to TR here. Just looking to improve overall health and fitness with no plans to race. I’m curious if there’s a way to edit plan builder to just 2 rides per week instead of 3. I strength train twice a week using Starting Strength and would like to ride twice instead of the 3 days associated with the low volume SSB. Is it just as easy as deleting 1 workout a week or is there a way to do that in plan builder?

Thanks. Looking forward to Antelope tomorrow. 1st TR workout since my ramp test.


I’m in the same boat… I usually delete the weekend ride since I do longer rides on the weekend. And then keep the 2 weekday rides.

I also usually do SSBII since it has one V02 Max and one threshold / sweet spot - so you effectively get one of each, each week :slight_smile:

Don’t know if this is the best way to do it…

So I’m also interested in how others would recommend or are doing themselves!

Yes, manually deleting the unneeded workout is the easiest method for what you want.

If you are actually riding, I’d just set the weekend workout as default for “Outside” and any ride you do outside will associate with it, even of you aren’t doing a “workout”. You can set that in the PB and it may be easier than deleting each time.

Manually delete it or get the plan to recalculate things at a lower volume. In calendar click on ‘Base 1’ etc, toggle the volume down and tell it to update.